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Emerald tree boa 7 hours 33 min
Male Leapord Gecko 8 hours 5 min
Male & Female Ball Python 9 hours 22 min
Bearded Dragon 9 hours 25 min
Adolescent Ball Python - Very friendly! 9 hours 51 min
29 Gallon Reptile/Rodent Tank 10 hours 2 min
Turtle 10 hours 32 min
10 Gallon Fish/Reptile/Rodent Tank 10 hours 36 min

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Florida Male breeder Pied Ball Python - $300 Gorgeous male pied. Breeding size. $300 FIRM !! . NO TRADES !! Text or Call 561-305-6363
Arizona Leopard Tortoise Hatchling Leopard Tortoise Hatchling This adorable little guy is a few months old. $75 Only one left!! 623-694-1820
Arizona Russian Tortoise Hatchlings Russian Tortoise Hatchlings $75 623-694-1820 tortoises
Florida Red translucent hypo bearded dragon black eyes Hello i have a male red translucent hypo just beautiful comes with decor, light fixtures ,light's and rock food dish fee 275.00 contact me at 407-485-1034
Arizona BABY LEOPARD TORTOISE Young Leopard tortoise over a yr. old healthy and active $100 firm for just the tortoise. 480-399-6183
Texas Dubia Roaches DUBIA ROACHES (SE) SUMMER BLOWOUT SALE PRICES$$$$$$$$ Small Dubia Roach Colony Setup: Includes; roach&cricket chow food, 10 adult females, 5 adult males, 200 mixed sizes price was 59.00 now 50.00...
Texas 2 Red Tail Boa's ***reduced**** I don't have time for either one i just found out i have to start traveling, Larger female is 2 years old tame, easy to handle, i feed her once a week. Would love for her to go to someone that has...
Delaware Crested Gecko and complete setup IF YOU CAN READ THIS, ANIMAL IS STILL AVAILABLE Crested Gecko (also called eyelash gecko) comes complete with setup. Setup includes 12 x 12 x 18 exo-terra style glass enclosure with screen top insert...
Michigan Red Foot Tortoise (1 year old) I have a 1 year old red foot tortoise. Approximately 5-6 inches in shell length. Very friendly. $200 Call (586)323-4660
Michigan Asian Box Turtle Adult Asian Box Turtle Approximately 6 inches in shell length. Very friendly. Eats great. $80 (586)323-4660


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